Volunteer's Impact is Reinforced by Thoughtful Thank-You Notes

Kent Treadwell, a member of the JA of Oklahoma board of directors, shared his experience in the classroom with Jo Wise, regional director for Junior Achievement of Oklahoma. Kent recently taught the JA Career Success program to high school students at Northeast Academy.

Kent, who is the director of finance at the Oklahoma Publishing Company (OPUBCO), where The Oklahoman is published, has been on the local board of directors for a number of years. He shared some of the thank-you notes he received from students at a board meeting, in order to encourage his fellow board members to volunteer in the classroom.

"The skills Mr. Treadwell taught were very useful and meant a lot to me. Before I learned anything I was shy and scared about picking a career and going to interviews and I didn't know a lot about what is best for me. Now I am confident in what career I want to pursue and I am more intent about going to interviews. This experience should be used more because people my age don't think it's helpful, but it really is. Not only does it help us in the future, but it also helps us if we're trying to get a job." -Emauni Morrison

"I am much more prepared now than I was before you came. To be completely honest, I thought what you were going to teach us would be boring and you would just drone on about interviews and your experiences for six weeks. It turns out it was the complete opposite. You made learning fun and it didn't seem like an extremely serious topic when you talked about jobs and skill sets, even though it is, and that made me want to pay attention and learn more. I still remember concepts you taught us such as GRPI and the 4 C's." -Anna Posh

"Thank you for all that you have taught me. I am especially glad that you've told me the decent way to approach someone in an interview. It was very helpful. I asked you once about how to cool down when in a stressful situation with another employee, and what you shared was very helpful. I'm still working on the cool down part, but 'm getting there!" -JA student

"JA can and does make a difference. The students were very engaged and it was a fun experience that I looked forward to each week. This was my first time with a high school class, but it definitely won't be my last," Kent concluded.

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